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Did your PC stop working correctly after new software was installed, new updates, or from possible malware? If you are running Windows XP or greater, use System Restore, found in All Programs, Accessories, System Tools. It will restore your system to a time when it was working, without losing any of your data.
Low disk space can cause all kinds of problems on PCs and servers. Check your computers C drive to be sure you have plenty of free space (at least 10GB free).
Need remote access? If you run a Windows Server you, may already have some remote access features built in for no extra cost such as Web Shares, VPN, and Remote Desktop.
Is your PC slow to boot? Run msconfig.exe (Microsoft System Configuration) and click on the Startup tab. Uncheck items you don't want to run on startup. Don't worry if it turns out you disabled something you need. You can always go back in and check it again.
Deleted an e-mail in Outlook you didn't mean to get rid of? If your e-mail is on an Exchange Server, in Outlook go to Tools, Recover Deleted Item… and you will see items that were emptied from the delete items folder.
Deleted a document from a shared folder on a Windows Server? If the server has Shadow Copy turned on, right click on the containing folder that held the deleted document, choose properties and then Previous Versions to find backups of those files.
What is that Windows Logo key doing on your keyboard? It is for keyboard shortcuts: for example, hold Windows Logo Key + D key to minimize all your Windows and show your desktop. Google "Windows key shortcuts" for more.
Use Paste Special instead of just Paste in Word, Excel and other programs to paste unformatted data into a document.
Need antivirus software for your Windows PC? Microsoft Security Essentials is FREE for home users and small business with up to 10 PCs.
Take control of your domain name! If your business has had their domain name (yourcompany.com) for a while, it's possible the original contact has since left the company. Go to networksolutions.com/whois (or any other registrar's whois page) to see the information behind your domain name and update as necessary.

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